Ossola Sport

Irena Ossola – Dedication and Determination


Over these past few years… not weeks, in my life it’s been all bikes.  I’ve had my complete life focus on cycling for the past 7 years.

Recently, I left Arizona and went back to Santa Fe at the beginning of March, and then mid March I flew to Italy to begin my European adventure. I was excited to spend time racing and training with my team. But unfortunately this time got cut short. While out on a training ride with the team I hit a hole with sand and went down pretty hard. As a result, I was taken to the hospital and spent 12 days recovering from a TBI.

I am now back at home in Santa Fe, NM, USA, recovering and having doctors visits. It feels good as I am not a fan of hospitals. It feels good to go out for walks in the morning, go swimming or spend time on a spin bike and spend time with friends and family.


I wish I could just be free and do whatever I wanted and get back on the bike to race, but with a new TBI, I have to be careful and attentive of my head. So going forward I will be attentive of my head for concussions and go to see doctors.  Just yesterday I went to Denver and to Colorado Concussion Clinic for an app0intment and treatment where I saw doctors about this recent accident.  I also have to contemplate what direction that my life goes as far as sports are concerned.