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Back to the Land of Enchantment

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but things have been so busy since returning … life just doesn’t move as slowly here as it does in Italy 😉

Since arriving back in the US it has been a transition of routines. From the constant travel and busy schedule of planning to a calmer more training and athletic focused plan.

While in Europe for almost 3 months I didn’t sleep in the same bed for more then 2 nights in a row. Always moving and traveling for work I lived out of my tiny suitcase and backpack with the minimal necessities I had. It was the experience of moving and staying busy that felt pretty familiar and similar to racing. Since I have to travel all over the country all spring and summer, I have to pack so selectively that doubling hiking pants, for sleeping, walking, and casual dinners became a must. Fast and light was a common theme.

Being back in Santa Fe I appreciate the familiarity and calm feeling of the town. It’s nice knowing the roads and not stressing about schedules and pickups. Like with most people when they travel, I found difficulty in keep a healthy routine or habit of nutrition. I wasn’t able to stretch like I usually do. And forget about vitamins, that morning ritual was replaced by downing a coffee and some fruit before starting work. The life of an athlete is already hard to maintain and keep focus, but throw in work and travel and the thoughts of those important supplements wasn’t exactly maintained.

Now that I’ve been back for a little while I have settled back into the comforts of a routine and priorities of training and health have moved back up to top spot.

I’ve spent a lot of time getting to the gym for swimming and stretching, and while it was still warm enough outside I was able to get some good training rides. I had a great couple weeks on my cyclocross bike, exploring and loving the trails around Santa Fe. The Dale Ball trails I had so much fun on, and despite being more for mountain bike, my cx bike does pretty damn well and gave me a great workout.

(Unfortunately) the other night a storm came in bringing snow and cold weather. So now even with the sun out, its super cold out and too much for me. So it’s back to the gym and rollers for a while.

But find a good playlist, or Netflix and there’s a bright side to everything 😉

Keep scrolling for pictures of some adventures 🙂



Thanksgiving ride with some NM friends



Made some new friends while in Denver riding


Christmas time in Santa Fe… Lights on the Plaza


Cyclocross adventure on the Dale Ball trails


Stumbling upon cool places on my ride


I think that car has been there a while 😉 … trail riding