Ossola Sport

Irena Ossola – Dedication and Determination

Home Life

For the past couple weeks, and for the next couple weeks I am at home in Santa Fe, NM.  Training, therapy and lots of lawyer appointments.  It is great being back and getting to settle a little.  I like the routine of training in the morning and helping my dad or running errands in the afternoon.

For racing my next one is planned as Colorado Classic from 16-19 August in Vail and Denver, Colorado.  I’m excited to get back into the race scene and test my legs again.  I am especially happy that I am already acclimated for altitude, so while some racers will be struggling with the high altitude it will be normal for me.

After, I will fly to Italy for my next round of tour guiding with Butterfield and Robinson.  They are an amazing company and I love being able to work for them.  I will be guiding in Tuscany (walking), Piedmonte (northern biking), and Puglia (biking).  I am really excited to get back out and to guiding again.