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Post Surgery and Back into Training


Without further delay here is the big update

I have come out to Tucson, AZ, and have been here since thanksgiving, so about 2 weeks of sunshine and shorts. I do not have my road bike, but have been getting some good quality training time on my time trial bike. It is hard to ride hours in the tight, crunched up position, but I am just grateful to be here training and able to stay/get fit.

It has been a fun couple weeks of big gear training and hills on Mt. Lemmon. Climbing for 50min and then turning around and flying down the hill in under 10min is better then any rollercoaster. 50mph around swooping turns is such an adrenaline rush. I am very happy with my training so far and it isn’t even 2016 yet. I will go back to Santa Fe for the holidays and a doctor’s visit where I hope to get good news about the progress of my wrist.

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A bit more about my wrist surgery


During the period post surgery it was a struggle with balancing rest and wanting to get back into fitness. The first couple days were a blur of bed rest, movies, and working on a puzzle to keep me occupied. I got to the gym after only 3 days and was able to spin on the recumbent bike. Then after my 1 week checkup the dr said I could be active and get back onto my TT bike. I could ride TT because there is no pressure on my wrist. So I started building up activity again by getting out for hikes on a nice day, and spinning on the trainer. I was trying to do anything that wouldn’t bother my wrist but keep my body moving.


I also made a big move and decided to cut off all my hair.  I did it for many reasons, but the reason that started it all was because it hurt my hand to take care of and I didn’t want that.  But it also got me thinking, because since I cut my hair a lot of people had said “wow, you’re brave”.  I think about that and usually bravery is associated with facing a challenge in height, speed, danger or heroism.  But then I see there are also other kinds of bravery connected with society. Where this is a bravery in the face of judgement, or what is accepted by others, of image.  This is something I have always thought to do, but probably for the same reasons didn’t out of fear or concern of what others might think.  So I did it, and whatever your desires, dreams, or goals are, don’t be afraid… Be brave


Only 3 weeks post op I was already annoyed with the cast and ready to be rid of it and training normal and hard. I missed and still miss certain things, like stretching, certain core exercises (I have never missed pushups more than I do now), yoga, and most of all, my road bike. But also the little things you might not think of I have grown to appreciate; pealing an orange, zipping a jacket normally, opening nutrition bars not with my teeth, making food more complicated then a salad, putting on socks without a struggle, buttoning/unbuttoning a shirt.

But I have learned to adapt and through the process have become stronger and learned to be more patient, especially with myself.


Nutrition through this process

Going into my surgery I focused intently on my diet and stayed as clean as possible. Coming out of surgery I had trouble eating with the medication, but what I did eat was mainly soup and smoothies.   Since the post op I have been focused on eating healthy and getting on a routine diet, but I will be the first to admit that in the off season I indulge in cravings … Cause chocolate is sooo good.

I have learned that my body does not like sugar very much and so I feel the immediate effect when I have anything processed or high in sugar. It is incredible to see the effect I feel from taking my supplements and using rejuvenate regularly.  By staying consistent on taking vitamins from Integrated Health I feel better and know I am getting stronger each day.  When I am eating clean my energy is higher and longer, I don’t feel held down through the day by food, but strong throughout the day.  So the past couple weeks here in Tucson I have been focused on my routine of eating eggs in the morning, a recovery smoothie, and then a dinner with salad/vegetables and protein.


I am looking forward to the next couple months of continuing to build and get stronger for the season. I will try to be more consistent on posting pictures and updates on my training.  Thanks for reading 🙂