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Irena Ossola – Dedication and Determination


A “cold” week in Tucson, is best for a rest week.  Been in the Arizona desert almost a month now and hitting it hard on road with training.  Hours on the bike pedaling up the mountain and across the bumpy roads have been my paradise.  It’s easy to get caught up in training and workouts and the vision of getting stronger for the season, but this weekend definitely showed me how important rest is also.

The Shootout, Tucson’s famous group ride that brings together 100+ cyclists every Saturday for a ride that promises to push hard.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I rolled up at 7:15am, but as we road out I barely had time to marvel at how many bikes there were before the pace picked up and I was riding as fast as my off season legs would go.  I knew the ride went hard at a point, but this was not what I expected.  New experiences keeping it exciting.


From the top of Mt. Lemmon

The past couple weeks since I arrived have been a cycling paradise.  Sun and pedaling everyday.  The usual computer and side work on my down time, but the long hours in the saddle have felt amazing.  I have ridden to the top of Mt. Lemmon a few times, and the accomplishment and satisfaction of reaching the top is incredible and like nothing else.  To climb for so long and look down at the view after is something that keeps me working hard and enjoying where I am.

I can feel my legs getting stronger and the cobwebs of winter indoor training getting blown off.  Race fitness is the next step in this 2015 journey.  VOS and local crits have shown that my turnover hasn’t quite broken through and training long and climbing is all money in the bank and will pay off as the season progresses.

Big news is coming for the season… so stay tuned 🙂  … Hint, it involves a team and sponsors


Ambassador for Larabar 🙂


Spare wheels for the Road Race at VOS


Hanging out before the VOS crit