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Tour de Kermesse

Yesterday finished up my Tour de Kermesse here in Belgium and The Netherlands.
17 races in 34 days

Finished up with 2 wins, 1- 3rd, 7- top 10 , 15th in a UCI 1.2 RR, and all but 2 top 20. The last couple felt like the end of a stage race, all money in the pain bank to get stronger. So much fun and such strong racing here. Pretty solid overall I think. And an incredible experience meeting new friends and racers.

Thank you to all those that helped me make this possible.

Heres a quick zoom through the past couple weeks in pictures



IMG_7582 IMG_7584 IMG_7633 IMG_7742


Bike paradise, real life ginger bread, important recovery

IMG_7785 IMG_7803 IMG_7801

The tower in center UtretchIMG_7808

Back to Belgium



Winning on Monday / 12 Aug

IMG_7960IMG_7901 IMG_7874


3rd on Wednesday / 14 Aug

IMG_7921 IMG_7917



IMG_7758 IMG_7927


IMG_7929 IMG_7943

Loving Life


Cobble Stones and Chocolate, gotta love Belgium.  So sweet and yet so cruel

IMG_8023 IMG_8015

Race day #17