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Irena Ossola – Dedication and Determination

Tour de Valencia


4 Days, 4 Stages.

This was the team’s first race of the year, and my first big race.

Day 1- Team Time Trial, 5km.

I was planning for an individual time trial, but found out the evening before that it was a Team.  We were not ready for this as only 2 girls (myself included) had time trial bikes.  The plan from our director basically put me and my teammate on the front pushing the majority of the time.  It was a hard effort on my part, but going against big 6 woman teams it was hard for us to contend.


Day 2- 110km Road Race  – 31st.

A solid finish considering there were a couple tough mountain climbs and that is my weakness.  I finished in the 2nd group with a couple of the other top sprinters from other teams.  It was also 32 degrees/90 degrees, so a really hot day considering its just spring.

Day 3- 87km Road Race-  18th.

Good top 20 finish.  The 2 climbs were not that hard and I was able to stay with the front group no problem.  The last 20km were a drag race for positioning and getting set up for the finish.  My sprint is strong but in the final 400m I was not in the best position and got pushed back, I always want to be better and know I could have been top 10.  Learning and have to shake off the cobbwebbs after a long winter of not racing.


Day 4- 97km Circuit, 4 laps- ??

I’m not sure what my finishing place was.
The last stage was all flat and a great race for me. VERY FAST.  I felt great and was in great position for the finish.  Unfortunately, with 6km to go 2 girls crashed in front of me and as a result so did I.  I was not hurt so got up right away fast, but it was too close to the finish and so I couldnt get back in the race.



Overall it was a good first step for the season and I am very positive for my fitness and how I feel.  It’s just the beginning of a long season ahead.  With a top 20 finish I am looking forward to what is to come.





Also, during camp there was a camera crew and journalist shooting for a documentary.  The woman is working on a story to show the difficulty of a top UCI level women’s team to compete and succeed in a sport that is so divided from men’s cycling.  It will be shown on Radio Canada, one of the largest Canadian TV networks.