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Tri Something New

Watch out big dogs!!  here comes a clueless, fun loving, sports addicted runner turned cyclist!

Over the past couple months I’ve been in the super soul searching mode of my life.

I am intensely training; going swimming and running almost everyday and either biking or teaching spin classes almost everyday aswell. I love the volume and intensity of it and athletics is where my heart and soul are. It’s all I know and all I love to do. Pushing my body athletically is something I’ve done my whole life and going to train (even in multiple sports) is something I love to put my body through.

When I finish a workout and feel so hungry, and finish my day and feel so tired, this is the quality, productive, successful feeling I love to feel in my life.

I don’t want to go and work a 9-5 job and feel productive because I entered some data into a computer or filed some forms or assisted clients with certain needs, to me a productive life is pushing yourself to limits and achievements you never thought you could make.

So with this, training and pushing my body are the building blocks and steps to reach these limits.

So over the past couple months I’ve pushed myself and done the training necessary, and today (Saturday) I sit with my legs up and resting as tomorrow I’ll put myself in a new spot and go see what I can do in this Boulder Peak Triathlon. I’m excited for the opportunity to be here and so happy I could put my body through all I have to prepare for and really test it. I feel good going forward and am excited to see what tomorrow brings.

I feel comfortable with the bike and the run, but the swim is what scares me the most. I swim almost everyday, so the distance doesn’t bother me, but the people around me and being kicked in the face multiple times does scare me, I just have to get tough and take it as a learning experience to go out and try it and see how I feel and have fun. That’s the key, to have fun!! It really doesn’t matter how I do, I just want to go out and try it and push myself and see how it feels.

So here we go!!

It’s tri time!! Yeehaa


Boulder Peak Triathlon – Olympic Distance- 14 July 2019

3rd in category, 9th overall woman! time- 2:30

Boulder peak tri done and still alive!!


Thanks so much to my amazing sponsors and those that help me so much!!!    Vie ƐƖ Kustom Apparel for the awesome speedsuit! felt so smooth and so fast! Fit so well!!! MellowVelo for adjusting my bike LARABAR for keeping me fueled Santa Fe Brewing Co. for the beers I could give out Dentistry for Kids for my smile, so I could use that on the podium

Swim- 1600m, 1 mile- Wonderfully horrible, I was at the back from the beginning, I got through and didn’t panic, but really don’t have the top fitness to stay on the group.  I was also in a new world of sport and having to spot the direction and markers and see where to go and try to relax.  Also, my wetsuit is constricting and pulls down on my lungs so I have trouble breathing.  I got out of the water though and was so happy it was over that I ran so fast over to the bikes to get on and into my world.

Bike- 42k, 26miles- This was so fun, and even with a big hill in the middle of the course I was feeling strong and good and flew by people the whole time.  They seemed to just be out for a relaxed ride.  Even with a speed limit on the downhill I still rode hard and felt so good!!


Run- 10k – This too was so much fun and I flew!!  I was passing people here also the whole time, and only one guy passed me the whole run.  I ran a strong race and with just some small rolling hills I had so much fun and felt back in my element.

Overall, It was a great race and I am feeling super positive about my experience!  I raced strong, felt good, and pushed really hard and raced a quality race!!  I’m excited for the future and will see where triathlon takes me  🙂