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Irena Ossola – Dedication and Determination


Here is the link to the Kickstarter for the documentary project I am working on.  Please help this become a reality to highlight and support the development of women’s cycling and sports!

She Works

Documentary Treatment: She Works

Directed by : Brian Solomon

Shooting format : Digital Negative


Would you rather work your entire life towards something you love and receive very little compensation, very little support? Or, if possible, would you rather have it all?

What if you were raised in a society where you could only choose the first option?

Professional female athletes are struggling with a lack of promotion and support. Worldwide, in the field of professional sports, females are being grossly underserved in comparison to their male equivalents. Some argue this inequality results because women’s events don’t bring in enough money. This gives promoters and media a reason to neglect women athletes, perpetuating this gender bias.

It’s 2014 and people are treating inequality as if it is a two-sided issue when it should be a Möbius strip.

As a filmmaker, I see the media no longer as what I witness, but what I decide to create. The only way to level the playing field is to promote and demand that this is no longer acceptable by promoting these women and getting their message into the public conciseness. Young girls should be able to strive for a career in sports just as young men are allowed to.

Professional sports are a full-time job, and these women work. It is time to value their efforts. For this reason, I need your support in order to film (working title) She Works, a documentary on professional cyclist Irena Ossola.

Irena, like many talented females, is pushing to accomplish her dreams. Right now, her toughest opponent isn’t the competition, but the sport itself. I’d like to focus on Irena’s life and how she trains and works. I wish to encourage other males to stand behind our strong females to ensure the issue of equal rights is represented fairly. By capturing the story, rather than only naming the issues, my aim will be to promote more than preach equality.

The documentary crew will be traveling to Arizona, then to Los Angeles, to live in Irena’s shoes in order to show the world what it takes to make it as a pro women’s racer. We will also be interviewing Robin Farina, president of the WCA, Noemi Cantele two time national champion, and Giorgia Bronzini world champion to hear their thoughts on why the media and the UCI refuse to let women climb into the spotlight.