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Irena Ossola

Professional Cyclist, Coach, Travel Guide, Adventurer

For this winter, I have settle myself in Santa Fe, NM for work, light training and now COACHING!!! I spend 4 mornings teaching spin classes and have began coaching people in CYCLING and RUNNING!  Please contact me if you are interested in private personal coaching, please email me at vintossola1@aol.com








Here is a shot from Nationals, the good ol days that I cant wait to get back to racing


3rd Place at USA Pro Crit Nationals

belgium2Picture from racing in Belgium

paris1Picture from racing in Paris, France


New promo video by Brian Solomon (exploremedia.com) made for Dr. Bernitsky who performed my Lasik eye surgery.  Now I can see perfectly and feel more confident and secure on the bike

Check out my blog where I have been posting about my Juice Journey!  Time to cleanse and get a kick start after some hard training, racing, and travel.

Live Life and Love Life.  No Regrets






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