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2 months ago I was in a pretty horrific accident.  A car crashed into me while I was training.  Now I am recovering and on the road to 100%.  It will take some time and lots of effort, but I am up for the challenge.

New blog posted about my accident and recovery!!!

IMG_1988 IMG_2049 IMG_2077I’ll post a blog soon, Just have to get my hands ready for it


3rd Place at USA Pro Crit Nationals




New promo video by Brian Solomon (exploremedia.com) made for Dr. Bernitsky who performed my Lasik eye surgery.  Now I can see perfectly and feel more confident and secure on the bike

Check out my blog where I have been posting about my Juice Journey!  Time to cleanse and get a kick start after some hard training, racing, and travel.

Live Life and Love Life.  No Regrets






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