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2021 was dedicated to triathlon, work, and finding my direction

2022 is dedicated to TRIATHLON and becoming the best athlete I can be

  I began racing at the amateur level, and have progressed forward in Triathlon (Xterra & 70.3 Half Ironman) to race at the pro level


XTERRA Long Distance- Sardegna, Italy, 16 October 2022

2 km swim, 60 km mountain bike, 12 km trail run

This was the longest race I have ever competed in.  Finishing in 5 hours and 50 minutes.  Even the Half Ironman races I have done, I was able to complete them in roughly 5 hours.

This was a beautiful race and well organized and completed, but I do have criticism as I was disqualified in the run because I was told that I cut the course on the first of 3 laps.  Which I don’t remember.   My lap times were- 14min, 30min, 31min which I did not know.  Somewhere I cut across on the course and so instead of giving me a penalty of even 25 min they disqualified me from the race.  So I finished in 3rd place, and even with a penalty of 25min I still would have maintained 3rd place.  I am quite disappointing in this.  But I still feel that I finished 3rd and this was an enormous situation from where I learned so much!!







XTERRA World Championships- Molveno, Italy, 1 October 2022

I’ve been in Italy 2 weeks, and now in Molveno ready to race this Saturday!!  In the mountains so the bike and run courses are challenging and will be even more of a test if it rains.  This is the 2nd time I race the Xterra World Championships, last year they were in Maui, Hawaii.

UpdateRACE COMPLETE– Yesterday I raced against some of the top triathletes in the world.  I wanted to have a good race, but am just happy to have finished with no injuries or major bike mechanicals.
I felt good on the first quarter of the bike with all steep uphill, but because it rained continuous two days previous to the race, the course ended up having more mud than I have ever raced or experienced.  I was off my bike and fixing it countless times and so far behind that at a certain point I just went to survival mode to complete the race without hurting myself.  So I completed the bike section, and then into the run.  No big issues here, but I was just working to complete it.  I’m sorry to not be announcing a win or large achievements, but small steps toward a larger goal.

























































Triathlon 2021










USA Pro Nationals Xterra Triathlon; 5th place 2021  World Championships Xterra Triathlon; 12th place 2021





procritnationals5Criterium Cycling Nationals 2017, Louisville, Kentucky


belgium2Racing famous cobblestones in Belgium, 2017


paris1Racing the Zwift world cup race in Paris, France, 2017


New promo video by Brian Solomon (exploremedia.com) made for Dr. Bernitsky who performed my Lasik eye surgery.  Now I can see perfectly and feel more confident and secure on the bike

Check out my blog where I have been posting about my Juice Journey!  Time to cleanse and get a kick start after some hard training, racing, and travel.

Live Life and Love Life.  No Regrets