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Indian Wells Half Ironman … Palm Springs

Last race for 2023!!  And it was great all around.

Such great organization, race venue, information, and staying with a host that was a previous female pro as well!!


Race- 4:50:11 , 17th out of 25 pro women.

Swim- 37’09”

Bike- 2’25″19″ – 38 kph average

Run- 1’41″24″


Half Ironman Races so far-                    2021- Waco, TX – 4’56”                 2022- Oceanside, CA – 5’05”                   2023- Indian Wells, CA – 4’50”


Now it’s time for some downtime, rest, and lining up my support and sponsors for 2024.  This was a big year full of travel, races, injury recovery and getting stronger all along the way.  I look forward to some rest and a strong return in 2024.