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Bike Guiding in Tuscany

This past month I have been in Italy working as a guide in Tuscany for Butterfield & Robinson

To support myself as a cyclist during the rest of the year I spend September and October in Italy working as a tour guide.  It is a wonderful company to work for and an experience where I am able to put forward my talent of cycling, knowledge of the Italian culture, and ability to work and organize as a guide.  Like with every job there are moments of difficulty and stress, but also moments of incredible beauty and fun.

This year I have been guiding in Tuscany, where we spend 2 nights in Val di Chiana, 1 night in Siena, and 2 nights in Chianti.  The riding is difficult but the travelers have been tough … and if the hills seemed too daunting then some opted for the ebike.  The last trip with 13 ebikes was a bit tough for logistics, but everyone had fun.  Next week I head back for one more tour, then to the US to prepare for the next season of racing.

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks of what I have been up to.



Spent a couple days in France


Beautiful roads and views of Tuscany


IMG_2150 IMG_2166 IMG_2415 IMG_2453 IMG_2507 IMG_2575 IMG_2756 IMG_2687  IMG_2921In Siena did the famous B&R T-shirt drop in Piazza Del Campo

IMG_319313 eBikes on the last trip through tuscany, lots of batteries

IMG_2987 IMG_3134 IMG_3177

IMG_2822Amazing sunset in Florence