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Dirtbag Racer Van Adventure

Dirtbag Racer Van Adventure

– Day #2-  

XTERRA Lago di Garda- Lake Garda
Parked at the race location venue 1 night

Ok so I’ve experienced 1 full night and day living in a van. A step up from tent camping, but a wildlife away from a house. I’m seeing this is slow living and the day drags long with small tasks that take 1 min at home, but 5 min here. Like collecting and duping trash, prepping and pulling food to eat, getting ready for training. It’s a longer and more lazy day of living in the moment and where I’m at. Not as much multi tasking or thinking of other stuff while getting things done. In a van, the other thinking is about what else to do IN THE VAN. But it’s a different life style that I like and appreciate and am so glad to experience.

My first night –
Last night it rained but was awesome cause I parked and met guys here at the race set up location and so went to dinner and stayed warm eating with them. Then this morning was still cold and rainy and windy and it’s not like “ok I’ll get up and have breakfast and relax and then go out” nope, just to stand up or pee I had to go outside !!!! That’s a whole other world of stalling lazy in bed

Lago di Garda- Lake Garda

Race Location- Parking Night 1

Run Course





2nd Night – Day #3
Parked- moved 200m to a side house parking yard. – more in nature

Second night was a bit more into a routine for teeth, bed fixing and prebed pee time. Was warmer and no rain, so cracked a door for more air and morning light (no windows in van) so was nice. Downside was that I slept wrong and woke up with tightness and knots in my neck… not so nice for triathlon with swim and head turns.
The day was soooo nice with warm day and sun!!! Did my morning prerace day training, then an amazing nap with doors all open and napping in nature. I like this new parking spot as it feels calmer and less “developed” as I’m right under a tree and in the grass. Not next to a stage and empty trash bins.

Bike Course

Van Life Relaxing




Note sent to friend

I’m excited to be able to travel wherever I want, and not have to book Airbnb‘s or look for hotels or places to stay or rental cars…, all in one, boom!!