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Xterra Race & Dirtbag Adventure 1 Week

Xterra Lake Garda


1 Week on the Road, in the Van, at the Race


This first week of van adventuring and racing also was a tough new challenge.  Organizing and balancing all the necessities of living in a van, plus getting the food, training, rest, prep for a race.  I loved the learning and figuring out small problems along the way, which I will be taking into my next van stretch next week.

Right now, I’ve got a little 5 day downtime where I’m settled in Varese, Italy at my families home base to get solid hard training in and get recharged.

Then Saturday, June 2, I will leave to head to France and then Belgium for my next race.  On to new adventures soon!!



Saturday- Full Course Elite Triathlon- 1.5km swim, 30km bike, 10km run



Podium – bummer NOT me on top, another blondie 🙂


SUNDAY- Open Water Swim “race”  – cool down effort







Course breakdown volunteer














Van life pics

Leg shaving happens in a bucket

Recovery shake is made bed side from all the packets


Van Renovation Remodel – Layed 4 wood pallets under the bed to create height and storage space



Next drive adventure across northern Italy from Lake Garda to Varese for some relax time with my Italian family


New van investments- Gas containers to attach for my mini jet boil stove- didnt know I needed the threaded top to screw on, and a camping chair to have extra hang out seats.