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6 Xterra Triathlon Races in 4 Weeks

6 Xterra Triathlon races in 4 weeks!!

2- Oak Mountain, USA

1- Garda, Italy

2- Namur, Belgium

1- Lausanne, Switzerland


After racing at Lake Garda, Italy and my training week in Italy I went to downhill mountain bike in La Bresse, France

La Bresse Bike Park was the best bike park I have ever downhilled.  I fell so many times and my legs were so roughed up, but all in the name of mountain biking fun!!

Then Race Race Belgium & Race Switzerland

Then to Namur, Belgium for my next 2 Xterra races, Full Course and Short Track, Saturday and Sunday.  The hardest triathlon course I’ve done yet.  All up and down and VERY steep, oh and stairs …. BIG steep stairs!!  The run had very steep sections also and cobble stones.  But so beautiful and in a park right in the city.  Such a high level racing with such big competition!!

The short track race was so fast and short laps with steep hills/steps again.   Another big competition day!

The river for the race

Van camping on the side of the river I would race in

The ancient stairs we road down many times in the races





Straight from Namur, Belgium I drove 8 hours to Lausanne, Switzerland for the Xterra Switzerland the next weekend.  I took the week very light for rest and training, but I could tell in the morning of the race I was not recovered and should not be racing at this fatigue.  But I still started and thankful for no big problems or crashes or injuries… I was still pushing the line and not able to put a huge race effort as I normally expect of myself  … but simply completion and finishing safely.


I think its time for a break and some rest before the next set 🙂