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Pro Athlete Rule #1 – Adapt

A big part of being a top athlete is adapting and adjusting to change.  That is what has come about this week.

Last week, June 20, I came back to my Dad’s apartment in Italy from the month of traveling and racing around Europe, when the woman from the van rental company messaged me about the first month contact completing and asking if I wanted to renew for a second this got me thinking…. and thought maybe the universe is telling me it’s time for some change.

I decided to change plans and return to Santa Fe, NM – USA .  Instead of spending a 2nd month traveling and racing and not training at the focused level that I should be.

So I will shift my focus from travel, adventure and challenging races and into strong high level training and finish out the tri summer season on a positive note.  Because of very low winter base training, these races in Europe were not at my ability level and I did not have top results as I expect from myself.

So rather than continuing to dig deeper into struggle and frustration, I’ll return to the US and become stronger to race against the top.

Hang out with life long friends



A friend’s wedding this weekend, so glad I could make it work to be here for this.  So I clean up and can look nice sometimes 😉

Time for one last gelato and to pack up the bike for a long trip back to USA