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BC Superweek

Currently, I am in Vancouver, Canada for BC Superweek.  It’s a series of 9 races in 10 days (6 to 16 July),  7 of the 9 races are criteriums. Short fast races. like 1-2 mile courses and we do about 1 hr on it.

Today is the rest day and we’ve done 3 races already. It’s really tough but I’m loving it and it’s getting my legs back into racing mode.
The first day was rough and sucked a lot. I didn’t do very well and dropped off the pack and was pulled out of the race. this was really hard mentally as I’m always expecting myself to do well and keep pushing and be on top.  So it was really disappointing and lit a fire in me. I hate doing that bad in races and it hits me mentally.
The next day I pushed hard and stayed in the race the whole time and even with 5 laps to go put in an attack and broke away solo for 1 lap. they caught me but still, i did something and put in a move which i’m proud of. I finished with the pack and solid.
Yesterday was 1 of 2 road races. 105km and pretty tough. I stayed in the pack again and it went well. with 2 miles to go i was in good positioning but then it was the 2nd to last curve and a girl swung wide and pushed me into the weeds. literally road on the side walk for about 1 block. then got back in but had to put in a big effort to get back up and so wasn’t there for the final sprint. finished again and good solid effort and push and feeling good.
I’m happy with how I’ve raced and now its been solid and body is feeling good.
I’m hoping the rest of the races go well and I am resting very hard today.

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