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Tucson Training, Round 2

In mid December I went back to Santa Fe for 3 weeks.Cooking, training, and everything in between!!

I spent Christmas and New Years there which was nice to be with friends and family, but it was not so nice being confined to a trainer or the gym as it was so cold.


I also got sick like 3 time which didn’t feel so good. It snowed quite a bit while I was there, so no mountain biking and just a couple of outside runs for something different.

Other then that I was at the gym or stuck in front of Netflix. But my time there was overall good and spent well as I had a minor surgery on my face and arm. Hope fully it will be the last. I am happy with what the doctor did and my arm looks so much better!! Before the scar was very obvious and sticking out a lot. Now it is just a zig-zag line going down my arm.  Much more aerodynamic 😉

Before pictures of my arm from this summer are the first 2.

I also took some personal time to visit sponsors and present a personalized picture to Dr. Bernitsky of Albuquerque, NM.  He supported me about 4 years ago by sponsoring my LASIK procedure.  I couldn’t be more grateful and he really has changed my life for the better!

Now that I’m back in Tucson it’s back to hard training and focusing on what I need to do to get stronger for the season ahead. Now that it is January too, it is roller season. So in the mornings I am on the rollers for some leg speed and then in the afternoon I go for my workout or ride.

It feels good to be back in warmer weather and I’m excited to do some local races in the next few weeks.


For future plans I’ll go back to Santa Fe in mid February to leave my stuff and pack up my bags.  Then off to the next destination and to meet my future team.  I can’t quite announce the team yet as they have the first serve of that.  But news coming soon.