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USA, Return to the Mountain Desert

Back 2 weeks now to New Mexico and it’s nice to be back and refocus on training toward USA Xterra Nationals in August.

I’ve had a mix of adventures being back.   Biking, running and swimming along with hang outs at the plaza, Santa Fe Brewing Co., and around town.

Training has really picked up to put me in top fitness- Abiquiu lake, Aspen Vista mountain trail, RailTrail Running trail.  This is my moment to give all I have to prepare and then race against the best.  The physical test of training and then racing brings a layer to the idea of what someone can pursue and achieve in athletics.

Pictures of these 2 weeks and what I can pack into my daily life.


First days back in recovery, going south to Truth or Consequences for hot springs and touristing


Going to see Very Large Array, South New Mexico – 27 satellites across the desert to watch space

Bats leaving a cave in southern New Mexico


Back in Santa Fe for music downtown at the plaza

Hiking in the mountains of Santa Fe , to Spirit Lake


Swimming at Abqiui Lake, The land of Georgia O’keeffe and her paintings













Biking up Aspen Vista to the top of the Santa Fe Ski Area

Santa Fe Brewing Company hang out, GREAT sponsor and so much support!!