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Irena Ossola – Dedication and Determination

After the Near Death Accident

The accident happened November 10th

Now my hands are staring to do better and my body is also on the recovery. I feel the struggle in a lot that I do, but overall I am improving slowly.

IMG_2628hand therapy for my broken hands

IMG_2774IMG_2697The vitamins helping to get me stronger IMG_2755

I feel the difficulty when I get dressed and my teeth are the biggest issue. I just had 4 root canals on my front teeth, and will have crowns after they are extruded a little (pulled down). I also have lots of doctor appointments these days: occupational therapy for my hands, speech therapy for my head, and other for my teeth and face.




Training I am doing what doctors allow me to do. I can not give too much information on this, but I stay busy and am happy to continue forward and helping my recovery.

Mentally I am doing ok. I am staying positive, and although many said I would have down days along the way, I have kept myself busy with training and appointments to not allow myself to have the time for down days. Since I have so many appointments and I am involved with keeping my body healthy by training I don’t allow myself to have a lot time to think about what is crossing me.

Sometimes I can’t believe what all of this has done to me. Had this not happened, I would be in Europe racing right now and feeling great. I would be on a top team and working to be better. Instead I am here in Santa Fe, with my hands just coming back to me, my face having a giant scar across it, my teeth being knocked out, and a TBI that I may never fully recover from. But even through all this I guess I am always an optimist and believe in myself to get back to normal and feeling good.